06. März 2008Möbelkollektion von Paul Frank 2008

Darauf haben wir gewartet!

Die erste Möbelkollektion von Small Paul. Ganz groß für die Kleinen und hoffentlich auch bald bei uns zu bestellen.

Unter anderem sind dann erhältlich Tisch, Stuhl, Wippe, Hocker und Tritt.

Also Augen auf und aufgepasst Eure Kleinen werde es Euch danken...


03. April 2008Neue Website geht online

Eine Sommersaison ohne neues Outfit? Das geht nicht.
Pünktlich zum Lagerverkauf haben wir uns auch neu eingekleidet und strahlen jetzt in neuem Gewand.

08. April 2008Bikes von Paul Frank

Ihr wollt Sie, wir haben Sie! Die limitierten Nirve Cruiser ab jetzt bei uns erhältlich.


Costa Mesa, CA – There is a global food shortage, ‘climate change’ is listed in Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary and pollution is a constant battle – all very important reasons to get involved and celebrate Earth Day.

An estimated 1 billion people will participate in Earth Day events around the world and The Paul Frank Stores are ready once again with an event that generates awareness and provides a call to action to help out our planet.
On Sunday, April 20th, The Paul Frank Stores in the U.S. will host silk-screening events at each retail location and donate 10% of the stores proceeds to one of our favorite environmental organizations, the NRDC!

Stop into any Paul Frank Store, spend $50 or more and silk-screen your own organic tote with special soy-based ink. When you shop with your Paul Frank tote in the coming year, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase and reduce consumer waste by not using paper or plastic bags. It’s Paul Frank’s way
of keeping Earth Day top-of-mind all year long.

The news media paints a bleak picture of our Earth’s condition, but there are positive, worldwide efforts that will turn a small splash into a tidal wave of change. It’s already starting, on June 4th the first TV network solely devoted to environment will go live. For the last two years, the Chinese government has actively supported Earth Day. When so many Chinese citizens logged onto www.earthday.net last year, they crashed the site.

Every change is important; at Paul Frank we have recently greened our Winnebago. Check it out on an upcoming episode of Adrian Grenier’s new environmental show, The Green Life, on The Discovery Channel.


WGSN highlights a selection of favourite new and established retail spots to check out while shopping for denim in New York. 

On Howard Street, near must-see boutique Opening Ceremony, is Dunderdon's new space. The 10-year-old workwear company started by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg has evolved into a modern clothing line that maintains a rugged sensibility.

The men's contemporary collection streamlines the workwear silhouette, reducing the clothing to the most essential elements. Raw denims and heavy cottons are cut into lean, minimalist trousers, with no distracting embellishments or affected washes.

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